Tierpuzzle – Für Kinder ab 3

Tierpuzzle (iOS)
React Native Developer
Concept, Design, Development of a React Native App.
Focus on React Native, Typescript, Android, iOS

Die perfekte Puzzle App für Kinder ab 3 Jahren und die ganze Familie! Entdecke die liebevoll illustrierte Tierwelt. Spannende Puzzleformen, viele unterschiedliche Tiere, Töne und Interaktionen. Noch nie war es so leicht, das Kind so lange zu beschäftigen.

LunchNow App

LunchNow (Android and iOS)
React Native Developer
Company: LunchNow
Concept and Development of a React Native App.
Focus on React Native, Typescript, MobX, Firebase, CSS, Android, iOS

Schnell, einfach und natürlich gratis – die App bringt dich und deine Kollegen an den Mittagstisch. Standort eingeben, Gerichte und Preise vergleichen, auswählen und los! Eintönigkeit in der Mittagspause war gestern. Entdecke neue Lokale, probiere dich durch unterschiedliche Küchen und finde deine neuen Lunch-Favoriten. Die Angebote sind tagesaktuell und es erwarten dich immer wieder attraktive Goodies als Extra zum Lunch.

Die neue Hanseatic Bank App

Hanseatic Bank Mobile (Android and iOS)
React Native Developer
Company: Hanseatic Bank
Concept and Development of a React Native App.
Focus on React Native, Typescript, Redux, CSS, Android, iOS

Mit der neuen App der Hanseatic Bank sind Sie jederzeit und überall sicher unterwegs. Die App bietet Ihnen volle Kontrolle über Ihre Umsätze und die Einstellungen Ihrer Kreditkarte.

Answers – Askreddit in a chat

Answers App (Android)
React Native Developer
Concept, Design, Development of a React Native App.
Focus on React Native, Javascript ES6, PHP

We use Askreddit and only show the topmost answers to a question in a chat-like dialog. No long scrolling through endless threads of comments. A very convenient way of consuming short stories, discussions, advice and funny answers. Done with React Native.

Picue App

Picue App
Mobile Developer
Company: Globe4Go
Consulting, Development
Focus on iOS in SWIFT / Objective-C

Momente gemeinsam erleben, festhalten und teilen: Das ist Picue, die neue Foto- und Video-App für private Gruppen. Halte mit deinen Freunden die nächste Party fest. Gründe eine Gruppe für den nächsten Urlaub zu zweit. Oder deinen Verein, deine Hochzeit, die Firmenfeier, deine Hobbys, deine Familie. Hol dir jetzt Picue und leg los!

Picue App

Ein Tag Frei Website

Ein Tag Frei Website (not actively maintained)
Frontend Developer
Concept, Design, Development of Website
Focus on PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS

“Ein Tag Frei” is a website that allows you to find hidden paradises in Hamburg. This is the website representation of the afore released iOS and Android app.

Ein Tag Frei Website

Yoints 2.0

Yoints Logo
Yoints 2.0 (App is discontinued)
Senior Lead Software Developer / CTO
Company: Yoints
Concept, Design, Development of an iPhone App
Focus on iOS, PHP, JQuery, HTML

Yoints is a mobile loyalty app for iOS that interacts with the Yoints BLE beacon technology.

Yoints 2.0

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2
Mobile Developer (Independent Contractor)
Company: Innogames
Development of Mobile App of browser-based game.
Focus on iOS, UI Kit and Cocos2D

Tribal Wars 2, the free online strategy game, is the successor to InnoGames’ online hit Tribalwars. You become the ruler of a city in a war torn medieval universe and you have to defend your followers and your village and expand your empire to ensure its survival. To succeed you have to rely on your strength and your strategic skills.

But you won’t be able to do all of this on your own. Rally other players to your cause, build a tribe and form alliances with other tribes. Your political decisions could mean the difference between triumph and defeat in the world of Tribal Wars 2.

Selfie Remote

Selfie Remote iPhone App (Discontinued)
iOS Developer
Concept, Design, Development of an iPhone App
Focus on Objective-C, Bluetooth Low Energy

Take your selfies to the next level! This app turns your iPhone into a remote control for other iPhones. Trigger the other camera at the push of a button, posing at your best. But wait, it gets better: Other apps made you pair both devices with cumbersome authorization procedures. Not with this app. Just enable bluetooth and you’re ready to go! It can’t get any simpler.

Selfie Remote Instructions

Eine Nacht Frei

Eine Nacht Frei
Eine Nacht Frei iPhone App (German)
iOS Developer, PHP/Java Backend Developer
Concept, Design, Development of an iPhone App.
Focus on Swift, Java and PHP, Facebook API

Do you want to know where the best attended party is tonight? Do you prefer more women or men at a party? This app helps you to plan your night. It is different to other apps: It tells you about the number of attendees at the party and the female to male ratio. It has way more events than usual event apps.


Eine Nacht Frei Screens

Come Closer

Com Closer
Come Closer iPhone App
iOS Developer
Concept, Design, Development of an iPhone App
Focus on Objective-C, Bluetooth Low Energy

Find iPhone users near you in a crowd at festivals, in shopping malls or even your blind date in a cafe! This app is different from others: You don’t need an internet connection. Thanks to power efficient Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, you can find other iPhones while offline and even when your phone is locked! It also works in closed areas where GPS often fails. Use it to play hide and seek or to find your misplaced second iPhone in a region of up to 100 feet (30 meters). This app tells you if you are approaching or leaving the target. Bluetooth Low Energy is now gaining widespread adoption. This app puts you in the future!

Come Closer

Eine Nacht Frei Facebook Page

Eine Nacht Frei Icon
Eine Nacht Frei Hamburg – Facebook Page
Eine Nacht Frei Stuttgart – Facebook Page
PHP, Java Backend Developer
Development of a self-updating Facebook Page
Focus on Facebook API (PHP), Java JSOUP, Java HTMLUNIT

“Eine Nacht Frei” is a Facebook Page which automatically posts a simple list of events every day. Currently this works for Hamburg and Stuttgart. The data is computed using a Java cron job and Facebook API.


Eine Nacht Frei Facebook

Ein Tag Frei App

Ein Tag Frei iPhone and Android App (German)
iOS Developer, Android Developer
Concept, Design, Development of an iPhone and Android App.
Focus on Objective-C, Java, PHP, Parse.com and Google Maps SDK

“Ein Tag Frei” is an app that allows you to find hidden paradises in Hamburg. Imagine you have a day off but not enough time to go on a short trip. With this app you can discover new places that you’ve never heard of before. And they are all in or close to Hamburg. This app is developed for the iPhone and Android devices and will be released in September 2013.

I am currently looking for volunteers who want to contribute new locations. If you have an Android smartphone and want to add your own locations, please contact me.

iOS App Screenshots


Android App Screenshots

Android Screenhots


Wordburner Icon
Wordburner iPhone App (Discontinued)
iOS Developer
Concept, Design, Development of an iPhone App.
Focus on Objective-C, Cocos2d, ISGL3D, OpenGL-ES, Python and Photoshop

You want to test or extend your vocabulary in another language? Play this game to find out how much you already know and to learn new words.
Dive into a 3D space with different planets. Each planet is associated with one word that has to be translated. Once you have touched the word, you will be presented multiple options. Find the correct translation of each planet!

Available languages are: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Wordburner Screenshots

Dreamworks Animation (USA)

Dreamworks Animation
Imaging and Compositing Engineer (Employee)
Render and Light Engineer (Employee and Independent Contractor)
Compositing and next generation light software development.
Focus on C++, QT and Open GL

DreamWorks Animation creates high-quality entertainment, including CG animated feature films, television specials and series and live entertainment properties, meant for audiences around the world. The Company has world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced filmmaking technology and techniques.

I’m in the credits of the following movies:IMDB
See Showreel for more information or visit IMDB

Bongfish Entertainment (Austria)

Bongfish Entertainment
Console Games Developer (Employee)
Game engine-development (C++), port of multiplatform game (“Stoked”) to XBOX360.
Focus on XBOX360, DirectX 9OpenGLHLSL, GLSL

Austria-based Bongfish develops authentic licensed action-sports video games through a proprietary game-engine that recreates the ‘soul & vibe’ of sports experiences. Back in 1999 Bongfish started by making a snowboarding game FLOW.game. Following this, Bongfish was turned into a game developing company in 2001. The company subsequently has grown by 25 people with over 98% of its employees touting academic degrees.

The Global Draw (A Scientific Games Company, Austria)

The Global Draw
The Global Draw
Games Engine Developer (Employee)
Software- and game engine-development
Focus on C++Direct XCOM/ATLWindows Media, ATI Graphics cards.

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Institute of Animation
Research Project “Artificial Actors”

We developed a system that uses an anatomically-based virtual representation of a human head. To make the appearance of the face more lifelike, we simulate a skull, skin, fatty tissue, and finally the most important part for facial animation: the muscles. This system is implemented in Alias Maya. The goal of this system is not only to achieve best results in authenticity of appearance but to make it usable for an animator who is sufficiently capable of using Maya and to make it possible to use it in real-time comprising quality.

Diploma Thesis, Muscle-Based Facial Animation (PDF)

R&D Programmer (internship, diploma thesis, freelancer)
Focus on C++, MEL, Maya API, 3D Studio Max

Research Project
Institute of Animation at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg